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Akin Wellness was founded to bridge a gap in accessing physiotherapy services for individuals and families. Set up to be a mobile, in home practice, Akin Wellness is able to meet you where you are at. We can help you navigate and overcome obstacles to receiving the support and care you and/or your family deserve.


Caity Barrett is the Physiotherapist and Owner of Akin Wellness. From managing booking your initial assessment to helping with your home exercise program, she will compassionately guide you through the process.

Starting from birth and throughout the lifespan, you will find supportive care with Akin Wellness. See you at home, with Akin Wellness.



Our purpose is to provide compassionate, effective and accessible physiotherapy services, promote health and wellness, and aid in goal achievement for individuals, children and families in Kamloops and beyond.


We envision all people accessing the support when they need it and where they need it to be. 

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